Choose your plan

Fixed and monthly prices.

* No buyout option : You can't buy the website at any point or time in your contract. There is no possibility to buy out the website and host it in other place other than our servers.

** buyout option : You can buy the website after 3 years of contract or pay 3 years in advance, code and licenses will be included. Once the project is released to you, no support or maintenance or updates will be executed. Support or content design is only included if the project is fully hosted with us.

*** Unlimited pages : Unlimited pages mean that we will manage or create as many pages as the time included in the package allows us to.

**** Cloud & domain name : The domain name offer is limited to new domain names without previous owner and with a maximum price of 50 euros per year.

website design included : You will have the right to 2 hours in one to one video conference session with one of our web designers, in order to establish the best design for your project, and have a personal approach that will suit the theme and style of the website.